Monday, July 4, 2011

Catching up…latest crocheting work



This is the Daisy Four-Patch pattern.

I made this for my family reunion that was on July 2nd. We gave it away as a door prize. My uncle’s girlfriend, Mary Helen had the idea to put marbles in a jar and the family members had to guess how many were in there and the person that got to closest got to take the afghan home. It was such a good idea and a big hit…everyone enjoyed it and anticipated the winner.

Family 7-2-2011 032

And the winner is my beloved Aunt Sharon. She only missed the count by 2. She was thrilled!!

Another project that I have recently finished is a cuddle sack for a baby…its my first one and I love it!! I loved doing it, although I’m in fear that it may be to narrow for a baby, guess I’ll have to wait and see…and if it is I’ll know to adjust the pattern some for the next one I’ll make, here’s a picture of it…


I have 3 more projects that I’m working on at the moment also and 2 of those should be done very soon, so I’ll post them ASAP.

by the way…


God Bless this country and all of those that live in it!!