Friday, March 26, 2010

Frostings Mother's Day Give Away

Natasha is having a Mother's Day give away....go to her website and learn how you can win a bracelet for yourself or your mother!!
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Monday, March 22, 2010

Rainbow in March

After a day of rain and dreary weather, my husband and I sat down to supper, he was facing the window and said "look the sun is coming out." So I looked out the window myself and said "thats usually what the sky looks like when rainbows come out." So about 2 minutes later he said "hey there's a rainbow" and I didn't believe thought he was just saying that because of what I said, just so he could trick me into looking out the window. And of course I fell for it and took a glance and sure enough he was actually telling the (he's a big joker, so I was surprised) I grabbed up my camera and BlackBerry and went outside and took as many pictures as I could!! The double rainbow was so gorgeous and brilliant in color...the pics actually don't do it justice. I was so excited, I love seeing rainbows...its a true blessing from God to remind us of his promise.