Tuesday, December 22, 2009

~*~ Christmas ~*~


Merry Christmas to all
And Happy New Year, too
As we all say, farewell
To this year almost, through.

I wish you good health
Happiness and cheer
And all the best things
In, the new, coming year.

I wish peace for the world
And true freedom for all
For the Devil and hate
A final, downfall..

I hope those filled with greed
Will find they have enough
That love and friendship
Will replace all that "stuff".

I hope the homeless and hungry
Find relief from their plight
(And we know they would
if, we'd all do what's right).

I wish a life for the Children
That, will be worth living
Each with loving parents
Who know, the art of giving.

Colorblind would be fine
And respect for our Brother
An end to those Religions
That believe, there is no other.

I wish Mankind united
In one common cause
To root out all evil
To, make it, what was.

I hope all who have passed
Find peace, in their New World
And that the Stars & Stripes
Will fly proudly, unfurled.

I hope we'll care for our Earth
Quit polluting this place
Before it's too late
For the Human Race.
So Merry Christmas to all
And to all a good night
And during this Season
Let's vow, to do right.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

My Tree Is Up!! YAY!!

I got my tree up today...I'm excited about it because its the first tree I've put up in 3 yrs!! With the deaths of my family members, I just haven't been in the mood for it...but this is a "stepping stone" into helping me get past the "Holiday Depression". The last time I put up the tree (in 2005) my Dad did it with me and we took lots of pictures. So I remembered that today and cried a little but mostly I felt good because I know he would want me to be ok and not depressed, I know it would've killed him to see me so sad. So I did it and I feel better and I feel "accomplished"!! My tree is fiber optic, and it spins around and plays music...I love it and its just cute enough for the 2 of us :)