Friday, September 18, 2009

Farewell Guiding Light

Today is a sad day for my family...its the last episode of Guiding me its just not a show, its part of my childhood. Many memories with my grandma, aunts, cousins and my mom watched this show or kept up with it thru each other for 4 generations. My Great-grandmother started listening to it when it started on radio in 1937 and then when it came on TV in 1952...I'm very sad to see this show go...Thanks for the memories GL

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Beverooni said...

I used to watch this with my grandmother. It was one of her "programs" and you didn't bother grandma when she was watching her "programs." I haven't seen it for years but I do feel sad that it's going off the air. Why, it's an afternoon institution for crying out loud! How can they even think of doing that?

I think you should have a hot fudge sundae in its honor.